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Europe / Turkey
« on: June 17, 2015, 09:19:30 PM »
Hi Ira!

Isaac and I recently returned home from a trip to Turkey. We began in Istanbul and then made our way to Izmir where we quickly rented a car and sought to explore the "countryside" areas (i.e. not sprawling metropoli) of the country.

The number one question I got prior to going, from friends and family alike, was "why?" -- why on earth would we choose Turkey when there were so many "beautiful" places to visit. It seems like a very stigmatized place and when tourists do go, they tend to stick to the urban centres.

Isaac and I found the less popular towns and cities in the country to be amazing. Every city, it seems, has some sort of greco-roman-jewish history and it was fascinating to explore. Many places outside of the cities had sights were Isaac and I were the only observers.

It's definitely a place I would recommend exploring.


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